Partial band bras

  1. Finish cups and bridge
    1. Stitch bridge and lining RS together along the top. Under stitch seam allowances to lining.
    2. Stitch along bottom seam. Turn inside out (like a tube). 
    3. Baste at 1/8” along open sides.
  2. Sew bottom picot elastic to back band
  3. Attach bridge and back bands to cups
    • Continue 1/4” stitching around bottom of cups .
  4. Sew on underwire channeling
    1. Stitch close to the edge. Line it up on the 1/4” towards the outside.
    2. Back stitch several times over side closest to bridge (to close channel and prevent wires from popping out).
    3. Flip channeling towards cup. From wrong side, stitch close to the edge of the channeling that is towards the cup side.
    4. Top stitch from right side on other side of channeling.
  5. Insert wires and close channels at top.
  6. Sew top picot elastic along back band and cup.
    • Make sure the back clasp will fit after it’s sewn on
  7. Attach straps and sew on back clasps

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