Button-down shirt

Complete each block before proceeding to the next step.

Step 1

  • Cut all pieces.
    1. Front x2, back yoke x2, back x1, sleeves x2, under collar x3, collar x2, cuffs x6, sleeve plackets x2

Step 2

  • Prepare collar and undercollar.
    1. Stitch collar pieces RS together.
    2. Clip corners, flip RS out, and press.
    3. Place collar between 3 undercollar pieces. Stitch around perimeter.
    4. Notch corners and flip RS out. Press.
  • Prepare cuffs.
    1. Place 3 cuff pieces RS together. Stich around the perimeter.
    2. Notch corners and flip RS out. Press.
  • Fold front plackets and press well.
  • Attach sleeve plackets.
    1. Fold in placket seam allowances on all sides. Press well.
    2. Fold top triangle and press well.
    3. Attach to sleeve.
  • Top stitch sleeve pleats or gathers into place.
  • Attach back yokes to back piece.
    • Use burrito method.
    • Topstitch seam allowances to RS.
  • Attach back yoke to front pieces.
    • Use burrito method.
    • Topstitch seam allowances to back shoulder.
  • Staystitch around neckline.

Step 3

  • Attach sleeves to body.
    1. Trim body seam allowance.
    2. Fold over trimmed seam allowance and press toward body.
    3. Top stitch.
  • Serge side seams and sleeve seams.
  • Attach collar to neckline.

Step 4

  • Attach cuffs to sleeves.

Step 5

  • Sew buttons and buttonholes.
    • Front placket.
    • Cuffs.
  • Hem.
    1. Stitch 1/8″ away from edge with a basting stitch on back curves.
    2. Press hem up 1/4″, using basting stitches to gather where needed. Press well.
    3. Sew another basting stitch 1/8 ” away from folded edge where needed.
    4. Press hem up another 1/4″. Press well.
    5. Top stitch from RS.

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