The Bra Book by Jené LucÍanÍ

As I got more into the world of bra-making, I was curious what books were available on the topic and could be found on my library shelf. The Bra Book claims to be “the fashion formula for finding the perfect bra”. Below, I’ve given my thoughts on the book, and whether or not I would recommend it.

The Pros

Accurate information

This book does have accurate information about bras that some people may find useful. It gives an idea of what type of bra is best for certain body shapes and types, as well as the different styles available and how to choose the best one for you.

Information for different phases of life

This book covers quite a few different phases of life that may affect the way a bra fits a woman. These include puberty, menopause, and mastectomy surgery, and it is good that the author makes a point to differentiate the needs of each point of life.

The Cons


This book is a nice size, but it doesn’t deliver enough information for the wordage. A lot of it feels like its conversation rather than information, and I think the actual information could be delivered in a much more concise manner.

Possibly irrelevant

Although the information in this book is good and accurate, it depends on what you are looking for in a book. This book does cover a few things related to wearing a bra. However, it seemed the most important parts of it all, such as bra shopping, are summarized in a page or two.

Outside opinions

Piggybacking off of the book being irrelevant, it contains a lot of opinions that don’t really have anything to do with finding a good bra. A decent chunk of the back section includes what men think about bras, as well fashion faux pas the author thought were necessary to inform the reader of. Sure, it could be useful for someone who doesn’t know social conventions or has never heard a man’s point of view, but for others it will likely seem like common sense.


All in all, this book is fine. Personally, I don’t need to read it again, and there was no insight I gained from it. It feels like something you might read if you have absolutely no idea about bras, and wanted to understand a bit about their background. However, it doesn’t really give much useful information on important things like bra shopping or breast shape. I would much prefer The Lingerie Addict by Cora Harrington. It covers the same information in addition to giving practical advice, but in a more concise and pleasant-to-read manner.

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