Being our authentic selves

Many times, seemingly simple things that happen in the media have a lot going on. In this YouTube video by Whaddo You Meme??, a clip of a Caitlyn Jenner interview is broken down from a Christian perspective. Below, I’ve given a brief summary of the video, and my own thoughts on it.


The clip starts with a snippet of Caitlyn Jenner discussing her conflicting battle between gender dysphoria and faith. She explains her uncertainty concerning her transition, and if she did the right thing. Ultimately, she hopes that God will accept her into heaven because she “did a good job” and was her true self.

Video analysis

According to Mr. Meme, being our authentic selves isn’t the highest responsibility we have. If our true self is rooted in sinful nature, which it often is, then we are called not to follow it. Self control is one of the fruits of the Spirit. Therefore, we must follow the instructions we have been given by God, not what feels good to us.

Mr. Meme then goes on to discuss how Caitlyn hopes she will “qualify” for heaven. If we try to please God by perfect behavior, we will forever be condemned by the sin we do. The only way to get to heaven is to trust that Jesus redeemed us, and that He is the only way we can gain righteousness. As it says in Romans 4:4-5, you cannot work for your righteousness, it can only come from belief.


I found this video quite interesting. It gives a glimpse into some of the troubles people face concerning their faith and bodily desires, and talks about what the right thing to do is according to the Bible. I’m always fascinated when celebrities are candid about their experiences, as it opens the door to deeper discussion of things that go on in the public sphere.

This video also gives a good Biblical argument against pursuing authenticity as a virtue. God has given us clear guidelines to live by, so there is no excuse for knowingly going against it, even if it does feel natural. However, we must remember that we are sinners. There is nothing we can do to gain entrance to heaven, as everything has already been done through the death of Jesus. We must have faith in that, and remember it is the only thing that will lead us to salvation.

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