Single Black Men Share Their Experiences Dating

Single Black Men Share Their Experiences Dating

Even though they didn’t say too many different things, the sentiments all seemed the same: single life is lonely. All of these men claimed to want to be married, but their sentiments about women were similar to what I’ve heard from other men young men dating in the modern day. One person said that he was hurt once and that is why he has a guard up.

The man who is married said a lot of things I resonated with as a married woman. The peace a good spouse brings can’t be matched by anyone else, which is an important point.

I appreciated how open everyone was. I felt that they all gave candid answers and good insight into what it means to be a single black man navigating the dating world in their city. I’m sure it’s not the same everywhere, but I can imagine there are many more men out there like them going through the same things.

I feel like these men are afraid to commit. It’s one thing to be looking for a wife, but something different to be casually dating and expecting that to lead to a marriage. The way they are approaching it makes me question whether or not they really want to be married, or it sounds nice and they see some successful marriages around them and want what they have.

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