Just one more day

Have you ever wished you could be with someone just one more day? One more ordinary trip to the place you went dozens of times. One more night listening to the music you both liked, laughing about the same thing over and over. A beloved family member or a childhood friend, those are obvious. I’m talking about an ex.

Someone that things are now complicated with because of your history. Someone you no longer want to be with in the way that you were together before, but you just want one more day. One more opportunity to give them the unique love only you gave them. One more chance to reassure them that they are worth everything and a little more.

The chance to take your own feelings out of the situation and give them pure, unadulterated support. The chance to give them love from someone who already knows their past and what they’ve overcome in life. To be there as a person who sees their flaws and still accepts them. To give them love from someone who believes in their dreams, sees the fire in their eyes, and encourages them to stoke the flames.

And, to give them the opportunity to do the same for you. Let them love someone familiar, not someone they are still learning. Let them make you laugh because they know just how to do it and just what to say. Let them share their secrets because they know you will keep it.

You no longer envision a life with this person, or even want to keep in touch. You just want one more day.

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