Slouch clutch

Slouch clutch-ivory
Slouch clutch-caramel
Slouch clutch-black
Slouch clutch-black open
Slouch clutch-black inside


  1. Cut all pieces. Construct outer body pieces, if necessary.
  2. Attach facings to lining pieces, and topstitch towards lining. Trim excess seam allowance.
  3. Attach tag to inner piece lining, just below stitching line.
  4. Attach zipper and lining pocket to inner body piece.
    1. Mark rectangle on RS of body piece and WS of lining piece. Line up rectangle with pieces RS together and pin inside rectangle.
    2. Stitch around rectangle. Cut up the middle and into the corners. Turn lining piece to the inside. Finger press. (Don’t press with an iron as it can cause cracking).
    3. Place zipper in opening and topstitch with zip closed at the left side.
    4. Stitch @ 1/2” around lining pocket to close. Trim seam allowance.
  5. Put on magnets.
  6. Attach lining pieces to outer pieces across the top. Edge stitch seam allowances towards lining pieces. Trim excess seam allowance.
  7. With RS together, place two pieces together, matching lining with lining and outer with outer. Match corners of both sides and baste into place. Then, stitch around entire perimeter @ 1/2”, leaving a 4” opening in the lining.
  8. Turn inside out and check stitching. Make adjustments as needed, then flip RS out. Press corners. Once satisfactory, stitch lining closed with matching thread.

Card holder

  1. Cut a piece of body fabric 5 1/2” x 4”. Stitch down 1/4” along long edge, adding a 8 1/2” piece of ribbon or twill tape inside the middle of one half.
  2. Turn RS facing itself. Stitch @ 1/4” or serge along edges. Stitch tail from serging into seam allowance, if necessary.
  3. Turn RS out and press out corners. Topstitch serged side seam down, if desired. Hand stitch edge of ribbon/twill tape.

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