Constructing a circle skirt

Depending on what type of circle skirt you are making, there may be more pieces involved. Below, I’ve outlined how to construct a circle skirt. For more on drafting the pattern, see here.

  1. Cut out the pieces and the facing.
  2. Stay stitch the top of each skirt piece just inside where the seam line will be with a 1.8 length stitch.
  3. Interface the facing and the seam line of the skirt where the zipper will go.
  4. Serge the side seams of the skirt and the facing. *If side seams are on the bias, increase the STITCH LENGTH on the serger from 1.0 to 1.5 to prevent rippling seams. Press well with steam.
  5. Sew on the zipper.
  6. Sew the rest of the pieces together at the side seams.
  7. Attach the facing.
  8. Understitch the facing to the seam allowance. Press well.
  9. Let hang for at least 24 hours to allow hem to balance out. Adjust hem of skirt to make it even, if needed. Hem entire skirt.

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