Introduction to men’s boxer briefs

I am slowly expanding my sewing interests to include some men’s garments. I haven’t gotten around to actually trying any of these, as this is very far down on my to-do list. However, once I do get around to it, I want to pick up where I’m leaving off. Therefore, I’m simply documenting the links I’m finding useful and a small description of what each contain.

Articles on men’s boxer briefs

These are a few articles I’ve seen that may be good to reference once I start thinking more about men’s briefs:

Anatomy of men’s underwear (briefs) — Textile school

This article gives an overview of what constitute a men’s brief. This is a good article to skim to understand how all the pieces fit together.

Inside men’s underwear — Bra Maker’s supply

This gives an inside look to how men’s briefs are cut and assembled. Would be useful once a pattern has been drafted.

How to sew boxer briefs — At First Blush Patterns

This gives very detailed and comprehensive instructions on the assembly of boxer briefs. It also gives a list of materials needed, including how much and what size/type. Will probably be the most useful once the pattern has been drafted.

Sewing men’s briefs — Britex Fabrics

This blog posts gives an insight into the realities of sewing men’s underwear. I think this will be useful once the first pair have been sewn and worn, and might give some insight into troubleshooting for the future.

Videos on men’s boxer briefs

I haven’t watched any of these fully, but I skipped through to see what was inside. They each seem like they have something to offer in terms of construction of men’s briefs. Here are some of the few videos I’ve found that may be useful in the future:

DIY men’s underwear — Sewing Lara

This lady seems to the point, and will give you the real about what to do when constructing men’s briefs. At just over 7 minutes long, this seems like a great video to start with.

How to sew Men’s boxer briefs View A — Wardrobe by me

This gives a start to finish construction of standard boxer briefs. It’s 10 minutes long so it is a decent length to understand the process without going too in depth.

Relaxed boxer brief — Sew it like a man

This is a long video, over 40 minutes. I’m sure there is a lot of information in there, and may be useful after making the first pair to see what added insights I can gain.


Like I said, I haven’t really started this project yet. I think men’s boxer briefs will be a really fun garment to make, as they are great for unique prints and trying odd things. Who knows when I’ll get around to it, so for now, that’s all I have!

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