Creating tiled PDFs from Valentina/Seamly 2D

The ability to print a tiled PDF was one of the main functions I wanted to figure out in this software. If there was no way for me to get that as an end result, I would have had to find a new software to use. Fortunately, Valentina/Seamly 2D have a way to obtain an economical well-placed tiled PDF.

How to create tiled PDFs from a Valentina/Seamly 2D drafted pattern

This video by Minimalist Machinist was the first and last video I had to watch on this topic. The video has a good walkthrough at the beginning of how to add seam allowances and details, but I was mostly interested in the content starting at 26:40. There, she gives roughly the same tutorial that I have detailed below step-by-step.

Before you print

Make sure the pattern pieces look the way you want them before you print. This means adding seam allowances, labels, grain lines, etc.

How to print

Once everything is ready, the pieces can be printed. The free version of Adobe Acrobat is the best way to tile and print them, so make sure it is downloaded on your computer.

1. Go to the ‘Piece’ tab at the top.

2. Manually layout the pieces so there is minimal space in between them (in order to use the least amount of paper).

3. Make sure everything is selected in the ‘Pattern Pieces’ tab on the right.

4. Click ‘Export Pieces’ in Pattern Piece tab of the toolbox.

5. Save as PDF files (*.pdf)

6. Open file in Adobe Acrobat.

7. Print to ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ as ‘Poster’ to save as tiled PDF.

From there, you will have a new file that is a tiled PDF of your pattern! To change anything on it, go back to Valentina/Seamly 2D and repeat the process.

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