Everlywell food sensitivity test review

As I got deeper into health and wellness, finding out my food sensitivities was something I knew I needed to do. I didn’t know how to go about it at first, but once I saw a recommended Youtube video, I knew that was my next step. In this post, I’ve discussed the entire process of using Everlywell food sensitivity test, and what I’ve gained from the results.

How I chose the Everlywell food sensitivity test

I am a very food-oriented person. In the past 5 years or so, I have really been focusing on what I eat, trying my best to be healthy. Of course, some months are better than others, but I had vaguely nailed down what I should eat and what I should avoid. However, I’d been noticing some negative symptoms, including brain fog, fatigue, and stomach issues. The Everlywell food sensitivity test said it could give some insight into these issues, which was something I had never considered before. As it was the first and only food sensitivity test I could find online, there was no other competition. The other alternative would have been an in-person doctor’s appointment, which I was wholly uninterested in. Once I read enough reviews and decided it was worth the money, I went for it.

The testing process

I went to their website, and it was very easy to find the test I was looking for. I chose the more comprehensive test, as it ended up being about $50 more than the standard one. It has so many more food choices, and I only planned on doing this test once.

Why I chose the comprehensive test

Although the standard test would’ve been beneficial, I felt like the additional foods included in the comprehensive test were worth the extra cost. They included many of the ‘healthy’ foods I was eating and interested in exploring further. Among these were lentils, spelt, figs, and various dairy products.


They seem to offer a lot of discounts for their tests. I got mine for 25% off, which saved me around $50. I also saw a spring sale for 30% off a few days later. If they aren’t offering a sale (which I think is rare), you may be able to find someone’s referral link online for 15% off.

Taking the test

Taking the test was exactly as they demonstrated. I watched all the videos, did all the steps, and everything went smoothly. I didn’t have any trouble getting enough blood, and nothing out of the ordinary occurred between receiving the test in the mail and sending it back.

Getting the results

From ordering the kit to receiving the results, the entire process took exactly one month. While waiting for them to send the kit, they gave a lot of information about how to take the test and what to expect.

My results

Below are the foods I had a reaction to. I didn’t have any high reactivity foods, hence why none are included. I’ve also omitted the normal reactivity foods, as they are simply the remaining foods that were tested.

Moderate reactivityMild reactivity
Egg whiteApple
Orange Barley grain
PistachioBell pepper
Brazil nut
Cow’s milk
Egg yolk
Kidney bean
Navy bean
Pine nut
White potato

What I would do differently

Firstly, I wish I would’ve taken more time to prepare before I took it. Because there were several foods I was actively avoiding prior to taking the test, they didn’t show up on the test. Foods that have been eaten in the past 4-6 weeks show up the best, and foods not consume within the last 6 months may not show up at all. Without If I could do it again, I would eat more diverse foods so they could be tested.


I think this test is successful for what it says it will do. I fully understand that it is not guaranteed that these foods affect me, but it gives a good starting point. If you have the disposable income and are interested in food sensitivities, I would definitely recommend doing it. I haven’t looked into other brands, but this specific brand has a lot of great reviews that I can attest to. It is extremely easy to do, and the results give a good starting point for determining diet changes. Perhaps one day down the road I will take it again, but for now, I am content with the information I have.

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