The Pivot: Podcast review

The IAA breakup

As I said in my I Am Athlete podcast review, the dynamic of that podcast was going somewhere that I didn’t really care for. The split from I Am Athlete was a somewhat unexpected but very welcome turn of events. Watching the first episode of The Pivot, I knew this was the best direction for Channing and Fred.

The early shows

Once that first episode dropped, I felt that same euphoria I felt when watching some of the old IAA episodes when they first came out. As I write this, if I see a new Pivot episode drops, I’m watching it. With all due respect, I think Ryan is what Brandon was supposed to be. He gives such a great direction to the show and allows Channing and Fred to fill their same roles even better than before. The dynamic was getting a bit stale on IAA and balancing four strong personalities is a bit much to then incorporate a guest. Channing, still the doubter and comic relief, is at his best when the conversation is light and he can tell a funny story. Fred has gotten swept up into the ”give them their flowers” trend, which I think he overdoes at times. But, he is coming out of his shell more, and still fills the chill uncle role.

Episode reviews

This list doesn’t include all their episodes or even all the episodes I’ve watched. I’ve just included these because I felt like there was something about these particular episodes that was worthy of me to note.

The Truth

This was great! I’m glad they addressed the elephant in the room and got some things off their chest so the podcast can move forward without the cloud of IAA over it.

Chad Johnson

This one was when the podcast just split, and I felt like Chad was the child of divorce in the podcasts. I am glad that he is not floating between the two anymore, because he literally repeated himself on both podcasts and his energy derails the dynamic the Pivot has established.

“I have crabs”

This was one of the funniest podcasts ever. I listened to this at work and had to actively take my headphones and collect myself on multiple occasions so I didn’t bust out laughing.

Marshawn Lynch

This was how I knew they won the podcast war with IAA. This had to be the most requested guest since IAA started, and they were the one to get him first. I don’t remember much about what they talked about, but this solidified them as the superior podcast.

Floyd Mayweather

This was another great conversation that just showcased the ability for this show to have an entertaining conversation with an all-star guest.

Darren Waller

I had never heard of Darren Waller before, but I was happy to listen to him speak. There’s something so pure about people who have been through a lot in life and are so honest with everything they say.

Michael Beasley

This was really the only episode thus far that I didn’t like. This guy seemed very depressed, very sad, and was clearly saying he wanted people to help him. However, the guys just told him to share his story because it would help other people. What? This guy needs help. Throughout the episode I didn’t get the vibe that he was necessarily enjoying himself. Channings jokes about being lightskin were not that funny and he brought a much more serious energy than I think the hosts were prepared to take on. For me, this episode kind of showed where the podcast’s shortcomings were and gave me the feeling that this podcast too will become stale like IAA did.

Stephen A. Smith

This was one of the most shocking interviews in terms of how differently I saw Stephen A. after the interview. Before watching this interview, I would actively avoid anything Stephen A. on YouTube or TV. I thought he shouted way too much, and I just couldn’t get on board with his approach. However, I found out more about his background and why he does certain things and takes certain stances. A few days after I watched his interview, his show was on the airplane tv I was watching. After a few minutes, I understood how difficult it must be to come up with 5 minutes plus of monologue or conversation on topics that could be answered in a 10 second sentence multiple times a day. Honestly, going forward, I still wouldn’t watch anything he does, but I found a newfound respect for him and his position.

Taylor Rooks

This podcast was a weird one for me, particularly how much of the conversation was about Taylor’s looks or sexual appeal. She was saying how she gets a lot of unwanted comments about her appearance…then they continue to compliment her and talk about her appearance. I don’t know, that’s a strange one for me. It was nice to hear her speak, though. She was another person I was unfamiliar with before seeing her on the podcast.


This was a great episode. I learned a lot more about Shaq. He’s a celebrity I really like because you can count on him to be honest. I thought this was a great interview and is an example of when the Pivot is at its best.


(April 2022): As I did with the IAA podcast, I will give an update on my current watch-status of this show. I used to watch every single episode the same day it dropped, no matter who was on it. Now, I pretty much only tune in if its someone I’m already familiar with. Just like IAA, the momentum has dropped for me, and I am no longer eager to tune in just for the hosts. I still enjoy their show and think they get great interviews with their guests, but I no longer care to get to know someone new based on this show. I think it’s one of those things where you get too much of something and start to dislike it. Going forward, I will probably just watch the episodes with guests I like, enjoy them, and leave the rest.

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