Pregnancy Childbirth and the Newborn


This book gives an overview of the most common questions, concerns, and pieces of information a new parent may have. As the title indicates, it details the journey from pregnancy all the way through caring for an infant. There are diagrams, resources, and brief but comprehensive explanations of most things a person would need to know going through the journey of having a child.


If someone had no idea where to go to learn about this topic, I think this book would be a great start. It doesn’t cover every little detail one could possible want to know, but it gives a good starting point to learn about topics to research. There isn’t much missing from this book, and the information is given in a matter-of-fact way, rather than trying to persuade a person on doing one thing or another. Overall, I think it’s a helpful and informative book, even for someone like myself who has done previous research into what to expect during this phase of life.

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