Last updated: 01/01/2022

Part of the reason I’ve shared my measurements is so I can reference it whenever I need to. Also, it may be useful for some to understand the types of measurements I am working with, perhaps to better understand the types of adjustments I make to patterns. I’ve found it helpful to see other people’s real measurements, so maybe this can help someone else.

1Back width16″40.6
2Shoulder line5″12.7
3Back length16″40.6
4Front length18″45.7
5Bust depth11 3/4″29.8
6Bust point to bust point9 1/2″24.1
7Upper bust circumference35 1/4″89.5
8Bust circumference36 3/8″92.4
9Bra cup size36C (underwire size 38)
10Under bust circumference30 1/4″76.8
11Waist circumference29 3/4″75.6
12Hip circumference39 1/4″99.7
13Hip depth (front)
Hip depth (side)
7 3/4″
10 1/2″
14Waist to ankle44″111.8
15Waist to knee24 3/4″62.9
16Crotch depth10 1/2”26.7
17Bicep circumference10 7/8″27.6
18Elbow circumference11″27.9
19Wrist circumference6 1/2″16.5
20Shoulder cup length5″12.7
21Bicep depth6 1/8″15.5
22Elbow depth13 3/4″34.9
23Arm length24 1/4″61.6
24Under arm length19 1/2″49.5
Measurements as of 05/30/2021

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