Dessert Person and What’s for Dessert by Claire Saffitz


I used to watch Bon Appétit videos on YouTube back when they were big, so I am quite familiar with Claire Saffitz. I’ve also watched her videos for these cookbooks, where she goes through some of the recipes step-by-step. This is the reason I got these books from the library; I was curious about what exactly was featured in them. The two books are pretty similar, so I am grouping them together for my review. Obviously, the recipes and content are different, but the layout and format are the same.


These aren’t cookbooks I would go back to for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are pretty standard cookbooks in terms of ingredients. There’s butter, milk, heavy cream, etc., and those are ingredients I am actively working on coming up with substitutions for. I want recipes that are dairy free, so these would need a lot of adjustments if I wanted to make them. Secondly, they’re not really things I want to make. Dessert person does have some pretty classic recipes, but a lot of them, especially the ones in What’s for Dessert, are pretty funky. It’s very ‘Bon Appétit test kitchen’ style, fancy New York vibes. Basically, she’s taking a classic recipe and trying to make something new by give things a twist. Where I’m at in my baking journey, I’m trying to make my ideal versions of the classics, as well as make them dairy free. I feel like once you get an idea how the original versions of her recipes are made, you can do the same adjustments Claire made except with your own desired flavors, which would pretty much negate her recipes.

Overall, there’s some great pictures to flip through, but a lot of these recipes I would pass on. The only recipes I took note of were the unabridged ones, for example the pudding recipes in What’s for Dessert, in case I ever want to make a regular pudding. I like Claire’s YouTube videos and I know what she was going for, but these books just aren’t for me.

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