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  • Dairy-free camping food

    When I’m camping, I try to eat as little dairy as possible in order to minimize digestive issues and bloating. This is a brainstorm of dairy-free foods that would work while camping. Cold storage Shelf stable

  • Cake board

  • Coconut oil “brown butter”

    I wanted a dairy-free substitute for brown butter and the recipes I found online weren’t that convincing. So, I looked into it myself. Basics of butter According to most sources on the Internet, unsalted butter is roughly 80% fat, 17% water, and 3% milk solids. Browning butter is simply the act of heating butter to…

  • Cookbook reviews

    Cookbooks are some of my favorite books out there and I get them all the time from the library. My favorites are ones where the recipes are well-written, practical for my kitchen, and has pictures. That is the standard the following cookbooks will be judged on. Would recommend Take it or leave it Baking Yesteryear…

  • Babies and solid food

    These are some tips and tricks I learned when introducing babies to solid foods. Food before one is just for fun I found this quote on an Australian health website. I have found it to be a helpful guideline, since my daughter often refused most solids while teething. This gave me peace of mind that…

  • Breakfast ideas

    I want my breakfasts to be: To achieve those, the ideal breakfast formula is something along the lines of: Fruit + protein + baked good Ideas These are some breakfasts I’ve had that have achieved my goal, or some ideas that I think would work great:

  • Cast iron skillet

    When I first bought a cast iron skillet, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be successful in taking care of it. Everything I read said that it was a very delicate piece of cookware that needed to be handled in a specific way or it would stop working. However, once I bought and…