Post partum instructions

These are the instructions I was given by my midwife after giving birth.

For mom

Call the midwife if:

  • You soak through 2 pads/diapers in an hour
  • A lot of blood, massage belly, baby to breast
  • Clots are bigger than an egg
  • A lot of clots
  • Puss or a strange smell
  • Flu symptoms

For baby

Call the midwife if:

  • Signs of respiratory distress, color around mouth and nose
  • Nose flailing
  • Ribs protruding when breathing
  • Breathing pause a few pauses, normal
  • High pitch cat sound
  • Floppy, lethargic


  • One pee in 24 hours 
  • Chord clean and dry 
  • Sponge bath with just water
  • Bubbles from mouth
  • Breathing pauses a few times

If she won’t eat:

  • Wake her up with wash cloth, etc.
  • Football/different hold
  • Change diaper
  • Husband take her


  • Any problems with nursing, call midwife
  • Nurse every 2 hours spaced start to start
  • Deep latch, flip upper lip up, make lip is flanged
  • Soap and water to clean nipple inverter

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