Cloth diaper timeline

These are the weights I had to transition into a new cloth diaper system.


6lbs 11oz (birth) – Small (X-small in most brands) covers with newborn size inserts used with a Snappi. I don’t use the padfold because it movess too much and there are too frequent of poops for it to make sense. (More about cloth diapering a newborn)

9lbs 8 oz – Able to use small size inserts with a Snappi without them being too bulky (although still pretty big).

11lbs – Using small inserts with a Snappi and newborn inserts as a padfold with small covers. Padfold is convenient because there are less frequent poops and the newborn inserts are too small to be used with a Snappi. Next size up covers work but are still quite bulky.

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