About food, health, & beauty


I definitely don’t follow a Standard American diet, but I also don’t follow any other conventional diet out there, either. I pull from different cultures and cuisines, and am coming up with my own mix of foods that I enjoy eating and are nutritious. I have written about my basic baking and cooking criteria, in case you want to see exactly what I am aiming to do. Overall, this section relates to what type of foods I eat and how I prepare them.

Recipes in progress

I often find myself at the grocery store when an idea for dinner pops into my head. Unfortunately, it is usually for a recipe I haven’t gotten around to writing about and taking pictures for yet, so I just have to guess the ingredients based on memory. Hence, why I added my recipes in progress. Even though they aren’t my typical finished recipe posts, they let me know what’s needed while I get around to making the post look good.

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Recipe archive

As my diet continues to evolve, I find myself no longer using certain recipes. Instead of just deleting them, I have archived them here. Perhaps they may come in handy later.

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Food blog

While these aren’t recipes, they do relate to the food I’m making. I have separated them from the recipes since they are more informative and less instructional. These posts may give background so a certain type of food, or have to do with the way I manage or buy what’s in my cupboards.

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Health & beauty

Here is where I put everything relating to health and beauty, including skin care, hair care, gardening, and more.

Health & beauty in progress

Much like my recipes, sometimes there are beauty items that I’m not ready to fully post about. However, I still want to reference them until I get around to it.

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